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Quote1 Harley, stop looting and start shooting! Quote2
--Poison Ivy


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  • This episode featured a Hit the Target game. The player has move Batgirl across the sceen to prevent the batarangs from escaping out of the training room while aiming for the three targets on the other side.
  • The events of this episode take place between Gotham in Pink and Gotham in Blue


  • The interactive segment when Harley looks for a weapon; she goes through several pieces of villain memorabilia, including the Mad Hatter's hat, chattering Joker teeth, a piece of Clayface, a piece of rock apparently belonging to Killer Croc, and finally Mr. Freeze's ray gun.

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Character Actor
Harley QuinnArleen Sorkin
Poison IvyDiane Pershing
Batgirl/Elizabeth StylesTara Strong
Renee MontoyaAdrienne Barbeau
Dora Smithy/Caroline GreenwayJennifer Hale

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