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  • This episode featured a racing game. The viewer controls Ivy's car through a highway and must avoid cabs and police cars to make it to the finish line.
  • The events of this episode take place between A Cat in the Hand and Honor Among Thieves


  • During the news, the viewer can click the bat symbol and it would reveal more information on the disappearance of men.
  • The fight scene between Batgirl and Montoya is reminiscent of the fight between Batman and the thieves of the opening sequence of Batman: The Animates Series.

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Character Actor
Harley QuinnArleen Sorkin
Poison IvyDiane Pershing
BatgirlTara Strong
Catwoman/Renee MontoyaAdrienne Barbeau
Caroline GreenwayJennifer Hale
CopsTom Kenny
James GordonBob Hastings

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