Granata Press
Industry Editorial
Headquarters Bologna

The 'Granata Press' was a publishing house located in Bologna.


The Granata Press has published books, magazines, comic books, and was among the first to translate and import with continuity manga and anime Japanese. The publication of Fist of the North container and the two magazines Zero nippon comix and Mangazine , launched the manga market in Italy. The first was addressed to science fiction and action series and the second focuses on the comic series or the particular cut. Mangazine also had inserts in-depth on specific issues of the manga and anime, which was pretty groundbreaking at the time.

You need to Granata Press the first Italian edition for the home video market of the soul Future Boy Conan ',' which came out in full in the early 90s in a series of VHS which mirrors the same dubbing used for television broadcasting in the early 80s, and the first attempt to translate and import series of OAV.

Between the 1990 and 1994 is published Zero , the first container magazine published by Granata Press Release on newsstands in November 1990 to the cover price of 3,500 lire. The first issue contained the first two episodes manga momentous: Fist of the North (whose subsequent adventures were published in Z Compact) and Xenon . The publication continued until at number 39 among the manga published: Baoh , Patlabor , Sanctuary , Spriggan , Gunhead , Appleseed , Macross II' ',' 'Alita' ',' 'Genocyber' '. After the end of Zero ',' Grenade Press published a second edition of the magazine, increasing the size and inserting color. Among the published manga: Lycanthrope Leo , Genocyber , Alita and the miniseries at the base of the saga Fist of the North '.' The experiment was not a success and closed after a few numbers.

Another magazine dedicated to manga is Mangazine , where they are published, among others, Lum (which was later dedicated the new magazine Manga Classic series), Ranma 2.1 , Never , Patlabor and Kamui . At Granata also published Manga Classic , who presented the manga Mazinger Z and, later, the manga de Great Mazinger (already presented by Fabbri 15 years earlier). This necklace would eventually have to present for the first time in Italy also the stories of UFO Robot Grendizer made ​​by Go Nagai and Gosaku Ota, but the limited evidence of sales imposed the closure of Manga Classic , so it was necessary to wait for the 2007 before you can read in the Italian Grendizer Ota. Finally, Z Star , which published the manga Devilman and Captain Harlock .

In 1991 published the book Anime guide to Japanese animation cinema , a sort of encyclopedia of anime the result of a research project, which has the form of a sheet all the Japanese animated series from the beginning until 1988. For each animated series are given a set of data, including year of creation, date of airing Japanese and Italian authors and plot.

In 1996 the Granata Press has failed, leaving several rounds incomplete. Many of these were later republished in full by another publishing house, the Star Comics.

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Aside from its own issues, the Granata Press distributed the production of Manga Video dubbed in Italian.

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