Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Station
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Grand Central Terminal
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Grand Central Station

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Inside Grand Central Station

Modern Age

Jean Grey was escorted to the Grand Central Station by Warren Worthington III.[1]

Peter Parker picked up Aunt May at the newly constructed Penn Station, telling him that Mrs. Watson invited her to move in, which worked since Peter wanted to move out too, into Harry's new apartment.[2]

Some time after, Spider-Man and the Human Torch battled the Super Skrull near the West-side Penn Central trainyards.[3]
As the Skrull struck the electrical generators with a flame blast, he caused an explosion that collapsed a section of Eleventh Avenue into the Penn Central trainyard, knocked Spider-Man out and covered his escape.[4]

Speedball and Niels met Timeslip at the Grand Central Station, one of New York City's most spectacular entry points.[5]

Alternate Realities


When the Hulk almost decapitated Giant Man, Iron Man grabbed the green monster and slammed him into the recently deserted Grand Central Station. There, the Hulk tore off Iron Man's helmet and threatened to eat Tony Stark. However, Iron Man activated a thought scrambler and knocked him out of the building.[6]

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Although almost universally referred to as Grand Central Station, it is officially and correctly named Grand Central Terminal, as trains do not travel past the station, only arrive at and depart from it.


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