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-- Kyle Rayner

Appearing in "Hate Crimes (Part III of III) - All the Colors of Hate"Edit

Featured Characters:

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Other Characters:

  • Bill Miller (Single appearance)[1]
  • Miss Kelly (Single appearance)[1]
  • Phil (Single appearance)[1]
  • Sandy (Single appearance)[1]




Synopsis for "Hate Crimes (Part III of III) - All the Colors of Hate"Edit

Having just discovered that mass murderer Nicholas Kotero created the personalities of Cyrus Bramlett and Austin Phipps to incite a citywide race riot, Green Arrow and Green Lantern patrol the skies of New York in search of him. They also discover that some of the armored men seen at the riots have been using weaponry that they purchased from Connor's stepfather Milo Armitage. They go to the apartment where Milo and Connor's mother are living, and Connor exposes Milo's illicit arms trading. Moonday has finally had enough of her husband and demands that he get his act together. Kyle meanwhile, goes to the state prison to interrogate one of the captured sky bandits. After terrifying with different ring constructs based on James Cameron movie characters, he manages to glean a little bit of information concerning Kotero's whereabouts.

At Central Park, WGBS hosts a (reputedly) live satellite broadcast debate between Cyrus Bramlett and Austin Phipps. While mounted police officers keep an eye on an emotionally tense crowd, Green Arrow and Green Lantern go to the WGBS affiliate office and show the producers the falsified videotape. Station manager Miss Kelly gives the heroes the ground source for the satellite feed. Kyle learns that Kotero has kidnapped the families of the radio stations that first hosted the Bramlett/Phipps debates. While Kyle goes to rescue the family members, Connor goes to Central Park.

Connor disrupts the park broadcast and exposes the entire affair as a fraud in front of dozens of people. Nicholas Kotero, hiding behind the stage, sneaks up on Connor and tries to kill him. He is shocked to discover that his intended victim is not Oliver Queen as he had believed, but rather Queen's son. Kotero reveals that his entire scheme was designed to bait Oliver Queen into a trap so he could avenge himself against him. Connor easily incapicatates Kotero and he is taken into custody.



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