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  • Buckeye (Only appearance; dies)[1]
  • Meg (Single appearance)[1] (deceased)




  • None

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  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • No issue of Green Arrow was published for the month of April, 2002.
  • The restaurant that Ollie and Dinah dined at in issue #12 is referenced as the Cheese Haus in this issue.
  • Connor makes reference to someone named Eddie in this issue. This would be Eddie Fyres, a former government agent who made frequent appearances in Green Arrow (Volume 2).
  • After a decidedly lewd comment, Ollie calls Mia "Howard Stern". Howard Stern is a famous talk-radio disk jockey that had formerly been in the employ of Clear Channel Communications, broadcast out of New York City.


  • The talk-show, Regent and Shelly is intended as a pastiche of the real-world television program, Live with Regis and Kelly.
  • At one point, Ollie asks Connor about his sexuality – something that has been a matter of question for some time. Connor confirms that he is indeed heterosexual in Green Arrow (Volume 3) #15. This sequence was likely written in response to internet rumors that had been circulating for some time suggesting that Connor was gay.
  • Reference is made to a "new movie" starring actor Ben Affleck in this issue. Ben Affleck is a friend of writer Kevin Smith, and has appeared in many of Smith's films. The new movie referenced in this issue may be Changing Lanes, which was released in the United States in April of 2002.
  • This issue is the first reference of Team Arrow. Team Arrow is the informal name often attributed to Ollie, Connor, Roy and later Mia Dearden.

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