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Synopsis for "The Archer's Quest (Part VI of VI) - Fatherhood"Edit

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  • This issue establishes that Roy Harper had been partners with Ollie for five years (which would make him 18 at the time that he became addicted to drugs, which seems unlikely).
  • Wildcat has a brief cameo in his Ted Grant identity.
  • This issue establishes that Ollie always knew of Connor's existence, but abandoned him at infancy.


  • Black Canary is seen on the cover of this issue chewing on an arrow, which is odd since arrows were never a part of her crime-fighting repertoire. Presumably, Matt Wagner simply wanted to paint a cover with the ensemble cast all pointing arrows in the same direction.
  • This issue reveals that the reason why Hal Jordan was always making big green boxing gloves and why Ollie always used boxing glove arrows was because they were both huge fans of boxing.
  • One of the names that Connor considers using is "Red Arrow". Ironically, this is the name that Roy Harper will eventually adopt as a member of the Justice League of America.

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