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Appearing in "City Walls (Part III of VI) - Captive Audiences"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Mayor Tucker
  • Star City Thunder


  • Capstone Bridge
  • Tinder-Smith Garden Arena



  • None

Synopsis for "City Walls (Part III of VI) - Captive Audiences"Edit

Green Arrow argues with the Mayor over the fact that the Riddler may have an atomic warhead somewhere in Star City. The mayor hasn't confirmed the rumor and refuses to evacuate the city until he can get confirmation. Enraged, GA leaves his office to meet back up with Connor.

Suddenly there is a massive explosion on the Capstone Bridge – one of the central egresses leading into Star City. The Riddler takes credit for the explosion and telephones the mayor telling him that he wants 100 million dollars or he's going to detonate the nuke.

With most of Star City's law enforcement concentrating on the Riddler, Albert Davis has time to conduct his massive occult ritual. He creates an impenetrable shield of blue mystic energy across the entire city. The field also causes every electronic device, including cars to instantly shut down. Green Arrow tracks the Riddler to the Tinder-Smith Garden Arena. He fires an arrow through the Riddler's wrist and finds that the nuclear weapon is inert along with everything else electronic. While Ollie takes the Riddler to prison, Connor tries to prevent the inevitable mass looting that seems to follow every citywide blackout. Suddenly, a throng of fiery demons begin stalking through the darkened streets chanting, "Peace or perish".



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