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  • Andrew (Single appearance)[1]
  • Rupert (Single appearance)[1]




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Synopsis for "City Walls (Part IV of VI) - The Devil Inside"Edit

Star City is covered with an impenetrable bubble of mystic energy preventing anyone from getting in or out. A blackout blankets the city and nothing of an electrical nature is operable. Albert Davis' demon hordes patrol the streets slaughtering anyone who breaks even the merest of laws. However, the demons have a vulnerability. Simple weapons such as swords or arrows appear to kill them as easily as they would a human.

Outside the bubble, Superman, Batman and Jason Blood try to find a way into the city. Blood explains that only someone on the inside can hope to reverse the spell that created the bubble.

Ollie, Connor and Mia spread the word that nobody can commit a single crime or else they will be massacred. Ollie visits the Riddler in prison and tries to determine what his affiliation with Davis is. The Riddler was hired to steal the mystic artifacts required for Davis to cast the spell. Ollie beats the Riddler up, claiming that he is partially responsible. Later, Ollie and Connor find Davis' home address – a mansion guarded by a veritable army of demons.


  • Andrew and Rupert are children at the Star-City Youth Center.


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