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  • Bob
  • Juan
  • Tovah Hernandez Carlson




Synopsis for "Quiver (Part IV of X) - Membership Has Its Privileges"Edit

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  • Mia's favorite television show is called Powerpoofs. This is an obvious reference to the popular animated series Powerpuff Girls.
  • Ollie makes two Star Trek references in this issue. Upon observing the lunar landscape from the Watchtower, he remarks, "Space -- the final frontier!" This was the opening narrative from the original 1968 Star Trek television series, as well as the 1987 sequel program, Star Trek: The Next Generation. In another scene, Ollie complains about the JLA teleportation technology and says, "Man wasn't meant to have his body... blasted all over the cosmos!" This attitude was similar to the one routinely demonstrated by the Enterprise medic, Leonard "Bones" McCoy.

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