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-- Green Arrow

Appearing in "New Blood (Part III of VI) - Center Stage"Edit

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  • Allan Fuentes




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Synopsis for "New Blood (Part III of VI) - Center Stage"Edit

Green Arrow is surrounded by all sides by 30 street thugs wielding glocks and uzis. He drops two flash grenades and spins into action. Ollie holds off against them fairly well on his own, but recieves unexpected (and unwanted) assistance by Mia Dearden. After the fight is over, Ollie reads her the riot act for putting on a costume again. His paternal fondness for Mia is developing into true paranoia and he rushes her to the hospital upon noticing a small scratch on her arm.

Meanwhile, one of Brick's associates straps a bomb-belt to his waste and suicide dives on top of the Mayor's car (Which is also carrying District Attorney Alan Fuentes). The car explodes just as Ollie and Connor arrive to meet with the Mayor. A second car screeches away and a handbag flies out the window. Upon inspecting the bag, the two Green Arrows find a pile of bricks with the words, "My Town Now" chiseled onto them.


  • Green Arrow is incenced at the idea of Mia choosing wearing a costume due to her actions portrayed in Green Arrow (Volume 3) #39.


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