Quote1 Do not forget who runs this city. Quote2
-- Brick

Appearing in "New Blood (Part IV of VI) - In Custody"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Alan Fuentes (Behind the scenes)
  • Karen Woodruff (First appearance)
  • Detective Lopez



  • None


  • None

Synopsis for "New Blood (Part IV of VI) - In Custody"Edit

Karen Woodruff is appointed acting Mayor of Star City in light of the deaths of the Mayor as well as District Attorney Alan Fuentes. A SWAT team goes to the Brick's apartment to arrest him, but Brick surrenders voluntarily. In prison, he tells the police that unless he is released in twelve hours, the daughter of the new mayor will be killed. Ollie and Connor scour the city, interrogating every mob informant they can find to try and find the little girl. Despite their best efforts, their search turns fruitless.

The Star City police department yield to the Brick's threats and release him. As promised, he tells them where they can find the little girl, unharmed. This sends a message to all of Star City that the Brick is in complete control.

Later that same day, Mia Dearden discovers that she tested positive for the H.I.V. virus.



  • Mia's name is mis-spelled Mia Dearning in this issue.

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