Quote1.png It pains me to do so, but we cannot, we will not, tolerate any person giving aid to violent criminals. Quote2.png
-- Commissioner Nudocerdo

Appearing in "Crawling Through the Wreckage, Part 3: An Eye for an Eye"Edit

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Synopsis for "Crawling Through the Wreckage, Part 3: An Eye for an Eye"Edit

Green Arrow has returned to Star City amid great controversy -Commissioner Nudocerdo while Mayor Queen is busy with Deathstroke (whom did not have an appointment). Deathstroke uses a tranquilizer to knock out Ollie, so he can set him up in part of a devious plan to ruin his reputation. However, Ollie is wearing body armor and has a small bomb that he sets off to distract Deathstroke while he fights back. More than just fighting back, Green Arrow ensares Deathstroke in an elaborately planned trap involving a ten-inch deep adhesive swamp. Deathstroke is stuck. To further suprise Deathstroke, Green Arrow comes at him with a sword! Desperate, Deathstroke blinds Green Arrow and tries to escape but finds himself surrounded by National Guard Snipers. Deathstroke is under arrest!


  • This issue was reprinted in the Green Arrow: Crawling Through The Wreckage Trade Paper Back.


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