Quote1.png Oh, c'mon, man. If we're gonna get naked-- don't we at least have to get drunk first? Quote2.png
-- Deathstroke

Appearing in "Wild (Part I of II) - Busted!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Wild (Part I of II) - Busted!"Edit

Brick fights rabid gangsters in The Glades. Meanwhile, surrounded by National Guard Snipers, Deathstroke surrenders to Green Arrow and is hauled off. A few hours later, after a meaningful conversation between Frederick Tuckman and Ollie about stocks and weapon manufacturing companies, Ollie is shown pictures of Brick fighting these rabid gangsters, and is off to the Glades to lend a hand.


  • This issue was reprinted in the Green Arrow: Crawling Through The Wreckage Trade Paper Back.


  • The tagline to this issue is, "Deathstroke the Terminated!"

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