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Emerald Eclipse
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Quote1.png The time has come. A fissure is needed... if we are to tear Oa asunder. Quote2.png
-- Scar


Emerald Eclipse was a multi-part storyline featured in the issues of the Green Lantern Corps in 2009. The story served as a prelude to the "Blackest Night" event and was one of several vital stories in the greater "War of Light" event.


In the months following their battle with the Sinestro Corps, the Green Lantern Corps suffered many dramatic changes. At this time, the Green Lantern Corps had their hands full as more and more ring-wielding Lantern groups began establishing themselves throughout the galaxy. In particular, the Red Lantern Corps had proven to be extremely dangerous and several Green Lantern Corps members had been killed while fighting them.

In the wake of this, new enemies emerged such as the sadistic Kryb and the conqueror known as Mongul. Mongul's power increased exponentially after the war when he took possession of no less than six Yellow Power Rings. With this newfound might, he single-handedly conquered the planet Daxam and established it as the new base of operations for "his" Sinestro Corps. Not all remaining Corps members were satisfied with their new leadership however, and one of them, Arkillo, challenged Mongul for leadership of the Corps. The battle between the two was prolonged and brutal, resulting in the deaths of several Daxamites. Ultimately though, Mongul proved victorious and cut his adversary's tongue from his mouth so that he would be seen and not heard. One Damaxmite, Cara Yat, fled her home world to seek out her son, Sodam, the Green Lantern Corps member entrusted with the power of Ion. Sodam was reluctant to aid his home world, but his commitment towards the Corps galvanized him to return to Daxam to unseat Mongul. [1]

While Sodam and his colleague Arisia journeyed to Daxam, the rest of the GLC had their hands full on Oa. The Red Lantern Vice broke free of his Sciencell, and in the ensuing chaos, freed many other prisoners. Honor guards Kilowog, Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner had their hands full, fighting and recapturing many of the escaped prisoners. [2]

Back on Daxam, Sodam Yat realized that the only way to defeat Mongul was by harnessing the full power of the Ion entity. To do however, he had to remove his Green Lantern Ring, thus leaving himself vulnerable not only to attack, but also to the crippling energy of Daxam's red sun. [3] Flying into the sun, he released the Ion energy into it, using it's power to transform the sun from a red star into a yellow star. Though doing so seemingly cost Sodam Yat his life, his sacrifice empowered the people of Daxam to take back their planet. Arisia volunteered to train the newly-empowered Daxamites, forming an underground rebellion against Mongul. [4]




Book of the Black; Green Lantern Power Battery; Star Sapphire (Gem)


Green Lantern Rings; Yellow Power Rings


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