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  • The box in the alley at the end of this issue plays an important role in the DC Versus Marvel limited series.
  • This issue, and by extension the entire DC Versus Marvel crossover series, is arguably in continuity with the mainstream DC Universe, although it's primarily Ron Marz who references events from the crossovers in DC-only stories.
  • The logo for Radu's Coffee Shop Kyle designs at the beginning of this issue later appears in the ongoing series, first in Green Lantern Vol. 3 #78.
  • In Parallax: Emerald Night, Hal Jordan mentions that he pursued the Cyborg "across the universe and even into another", which refers to the events of this issue.
  • In addition, Access, a character originally introduced in the DC Versus Marvel series, makes an appearance in Green Lantern Vol. 3 #87, in a scene that is in turn referenced in Unlimited Access #1.
  • Another reference, albeit tongue-in-cheek, can be found in Extreme Justice #18, where Blue Beetle uses a "fibrous polymer" to entangle two opponents which will "dissolve in an hour or so", and explains he "got the recipe from this guy who just drifted through from some alternative universe recently", referring to Spider-Man.
  • Despite this, the JLA/Avengers crossover, which is arguably also in continuity with the mainstream DC universe (the "Syndicate Rules" story arc from the ongoing JLA series is a direct continuation of some of the events from JLA/Avengers), is presented as the first time members of both teams meet, both in-story and according to a statement by writer Kurt Busiek.[1]


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