Quote1 Look... sure, I'm ticked off at the pushers because they prey on weakness -- but that doesn't mean my heart bleeds for junkies. Life is tough for everyone. If you want to claim humanity, you don't crawl into a drugged stupor. Quote2
-- Green Arrow

Appearing in "Snowbirds Don't Fly"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Drug Dealers

Other Characters:

  • Drug Addicts




Synopsis for "Snowbirds Don't Fly"Edit

Green Lantern and Green Arrow run across a drug dealer when one of his “clients” hits Oliver Queen in the shoulder with one of GA’s own arrows. But neither suspect that Roy Harper, Queen’s ward, who has been missing for a month, has become a heroin addict.

Appearing in "The Strange Trial of Green Lantern"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Strange Trial of Green Lantern"Edit

reprinted from Green Lantern Vol 2 11


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