Quote1.png I am Green Lantern no more. I am not Oblivion. I am not Parallax. I am more, because I am less. I am a part of it all. I am the whole and I am the individual. I am everywhere at once. Green Lantern is no more. The power is mine -- and I am the Ion. Quote2.png
-- Green Lantern

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The story continues from the previous issue, where we see Green Lantern Kyle Rayner fighting against Alexander Nero. Both men have claimed the remaining power of the Green Lantern Corps. This energy was formed by the merging of the power of Oblivion, and the power of Parallax, who died to reignite the sun. The battle between the two men is fought between their different constructs. Both know that whoever wins will get the power, more power than any human has ever had control of, essentially giving them god-like powers.

Meanwhile on Earth, former Green Lantern John Stewart, the Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott, and his daughter Jade are watching the battle, as they see a large green spot in the sun. John suggests that Kyle should destroy the ring. Alan has considered that option, but it would be too risky and Kyle knows that as well. Since Nero's Yellow Power Ring siphons energy from the Green Lantern Ring, he has an advantage over Kyle, and using it against him, allowing him to access the power of the Green Lantern Ring, Oblivion, and Parallax combined. Jade barks at the two men, saying that instead of considering possibilities, they should gather all of Earth's superheroes and go help Kyle. But, Alan tells her that if they do that, then they would just be getting in the way. Alan tries to make his daughter feel better by telling her that he doesn't want Kyle to die as well, but that they should have faith in his abilities, because they feel that he can beat Nero and gain the power.

Both warriors continue to fight against each other intensely. Kyle creates constructs of himself and they all bash on Nero, but Nero taps more into the power and destroys the constructs and all Kyle can do is match him blow for blow. Suddenly, an explosion separates the two, and we see Qwardians entering the battle. But, they are here to help Kyle. Like Green Lantern, the Qwardians do not want Nero to get the power because they fear that once he has the power, he will turn on those who gave him the ability to attain that power. Kyle, undoubtedly, is a little surprised that the people who gave Nero the power ring now want to help him. But, they are lying, as they want to save him, not destroy him. A Qwardian puts a device on Nero before Nero turns on him and kills him. The Qwardians reveal that the device they have planted on Nero will teleport him back to the Antimatter Universe away from Green Lantern.

Suddenly, the Qwardian ship is destroyed, as Nero has staked his claim to the power. He feels the near limitless power flowing through him. Now, he has the ability to bend the universe to his will. But, Kyle attacks him from behind telling Nero that the power is not for him. But, Nero strikes back, telling Green Lantern that he's too late, as he has now become a living god. And he will force Kyle to kneel before his creator. But, Kyle is determined to stop him, and taps into the power and eclipses Nero's power and transports him to another dimension where they have no rings, constructs, or any sort of weapon. If the battle is to be decided now, it will be over flesh and blood, and they start fighting each other. Kyle has the upper hand, but Nero gains the advantage and starts beating Kyle. But the emerald hero will not stop and he pummels Nero to the point of unconsciousness. Just as he's about to finish Nero, he sees a portal back to the real world. He sees the image of when the last of the Guardians of the Universe, Ganthet, gave him the last Green Lantern Ring. Kyle realizes that this is the work of his predecessor Hal Jordan, as the Spectre. Hal tells Kyle that he is showing him the possibilities of his choices, he can go back and stop becoming Green Lantern, or he can go back and claim the power that he feels belongs to him. Kyle fears that Hal is showing him these possibilities because he will become a bigger danger than Hal was when he became Parallax. However, that is not Hal's intent. He tells Kyle that the reason why he's showing him these things is because he wishes that someone would have shown him the possibilities of his actions. And Kyle has made his decision.

Kyle comes out of the dimension and heads towards the sun, and into the power of the Green Lantern. He begins absorbing the energy, which is beginning to overwhelm him. But, Kyle will bend to the power, not break under it. He is no longer Green Lantern. He is no longer Oblivion. He is not Parallax. He is more and less in every sense, he is the ION.


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This is Kyle Rayner's first appearance as Ion. He will be Ion until Green Lantern #150 when he expels the Ion power to reactivate the Central Power Battery of Oa and create a new generation of Oans under the guidance of Ganthet who will teach them how to be the Guardians of the Universe.

  • This issue is reprinted in the trade paperback Green Lantern: Power of Ion.

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