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Kyle goes to Radu's to contemplate his "woman problems". Allison Chandler sits across from him and the two have a long conversation concerning Kyle's relationship with Donna. Kyle begins sketching a portrait of Donna when a man races into the coffee shop shouting about a rampaging super-villain calling himself Grayven. Having fought Grayven once before, Kyle excuses himself from the shop and goes outside.

He switches to his costume and engages Grayven in combat. Grayven reveals that he was trapped at the center of the Earth and now blames Green Lantern for placing him there. The two begin fighting one another in the sky above Times Square, but their fight moves towards the river, far away from densely populated areas. They continue to trade shots with each other, but within moments, an eerie blue energy overwhelms them and they disappear.

The next thing Kyle realizes, he has been transported through time to the 30th century. The civilian populace of this era do not take kindly to Green Lanterns, and they begin attacking him.


  • Although Grayven blames Kyle for being trapped inside the Earth, it was actually John Stewart who placed him there by way of a Mega Zeta-Beam during the villain's previous attack against the planet Rann.


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