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Greenwich Village

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Greenwich Village
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Greenwich Village is a residential neighborhood located in the downtown area of Manhattan. Green Lantern Corps member, Kyle Rayner, lived in Greenwich Village for a time in a studio apartment located above Radu's Coffee Shop on Bleecker Street. Detective Jim Corrigan also maintained a private investigation office in the Greenwich Village area. The Village was also the location of Madame Xanadu's fortune telling shop.

In Fables continuity, Greenwich Village is the location of Rose Red's apartment. This building became the central setting of a bizarre murder investigation conducted by Bigby Wolf and Red's sister Snow White.

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  • In the Marvel Universe, Greenwich Village is the home town of occult master, Doctor Strange.
  • Madame Xanadu's Tarot reading shop, Hokus & Pokus Occult Curioso, is located on Christy St. in Greenwich Village.[1]

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