Happenstance and Kismet

Real Name
Monty Happenstance and Lucius Kismet
Current Alias
Happenstance and Kismet

First appearance


Lucius Kismet was just a drunken (though highly-educated) translator of juicy stories for a French tabloid newspaper, Le Soleil, with tastes far beyond his means and a fiancée (the acerbic Marjorie Bunyip, daughter of Australian millionaire Clarendon Bunyip) on the point of cutting off his privileges when a chance encounter in a pub with professional betting man and Jazz musician Monty Happenstance changed all their lives. First, Lucius accidentally imbibed a strange concoction which appeared from a distant world via a dimensional warp (he thought it was Chartreuse) and found himself transported to said distant world (Arcturus IV) where he was indecently assaulted by a genetically engineered life form. Then, he rather improbably inherited an unfortunately worthless country estate (OK, a hut in a field) in Egremont from his great aunt Zou Zou, a medium whose motley collection of ghostly hangers-on wanted to use him as their new host. And then, Marjorie having commandeered her domineering father's dimensionally transcendental car, the trio found themselves confronted by a group of subterranean-dwelling Roundheads, descendants of Cromwell's New Model Army, who had decided that the time had finally come to emerge from hiding and retake England.

Sadly, we have no idea what happened next, as at that point Revolver magazine was summarily cancelled. But it seems fairly likely that the Roundheads failed to achieve their somewhat overambitious aims.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Too many to mention.



That would be the dimensionally transcendental car mentioned earlier. It had a pool and everything.


Despite sharing the billing, Happenstance didn't actually contribute a lot to the plot. Possibly, his role would have gotten bigger if the series had continued.



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