Happy Shrapnel

Real Name
Current Alias
Tubal Caine
Tom Caine (adopted son, deceased)
Base Of Operations
Mars; formerly Earth

Unusual Features
Happy resembles an old West prospector
Marital Status
First appearance

2000 AD prog 119


Happy Shrapnel was one of Hammerstein's original ABC Warriors squad, along with Joe Pineapples. He fought in the Volgan War and then accompanied the Warriors to Mars on their mission to tame the planet, but apparently died in a bar-room brawl before the rest of the Warriors left the planet.

An unspecified amount of time later, however, the Warriors began picking up signals from Mars which led them to believe Happy was still alive, and that their work on the red planet was not yet finished. They rescued him from his grave and helped him rebuild himself, but Happy refused to rejoin them, consenting only to become their armourer. Decrying 'Happy Shrapnel' as his 'slave name', he renamed himself Tubal Caine.

Later, Tubal 'adopted' a boy named Tom, a human throwback who had been made an outcast by the 'Humpies', the genetically engineered first colonists of Mars. However, Tom was murdered by the psychotic Mek Quake on the orders of the ABC Warriors' creator Howard Quartz, who wanted Tubal to return to his service. Tubal has since rejoined the Warriors, vowing to kill Quartz.


Happy Shrapnel was for some reason designed with unusually humanlike features, including a sculpted beard. A peculiar individual, he would habitually scavenge the battlefields, and wore clothes looted from human corpses, having a particular fondness for boots (sometimes with the original owners' feet still in them). A defect in his voice box caused him to buzz when he spoke.


Happy was apparently originally designed to be a 'crash test dummy', a target for experimental weaponry, and was believed by the other Warriors to be indestructible. His apparent death prompted the team's first breakup by making them aware of their own mortality.

Tubal-cain is a character in the book of Genesis in the Bible. He was the world's first smith, a "forger of all instruments of bronze and iron."



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