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Harlem is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Manhattan.

In the 1930s, debutante Dian Belmont and her best friend Catherine van der Meer enjoyed going to the jazz clubs of Harlem.[1]

Several years ago, the New Teen Titans went to Harlem to rescue a kidnapped model named Angela Dove from the clutches of mobster Phil Cerullo. Cerullo had kidnapped Angela in order to muscle her boyfriend Jason Silver into not testifying against him at his trial. The Titans burst through the wall of the building and took out Cerullo's gunmen. Starfire stunned the gangster with a starbolt.[2]

A short time later, the Saturnian known as Jemm came to Harlem and befriended young Luther Mannkin.[3]

In 1994, the Crimelord took strategic measures to eliminate Deathstroke the Terminator. One of these measures included blowing up the apartment building of one of Deathstroke's contacts, Maurice.[4]

Harlem is also where reformed criminal Ronald Evers established the First Church of Anti-Technocracy. A former cyborg, Evers turned to spirituality and developed his following due to his past conflicts with childhood friend Victor Stone.[5]


In the Dakotaverse, the super-hero known as Icon maintained a base of operations on Striver's Row.


In the continuity of the Fables universe, the Fable known as Little Boy Blue often attempted to secure gigs at jazz houses so he could show off his musical talent.



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