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Aboard the alliance's Paradocs vessel, Jimmy Olsen stumbles across a communication from Brainiac-13 that includes an awful lot of binary code which is dumped straight into his brain. He also finds himself spinning down towards Earth in what turns out to be an escape pod. He lands in Gotham City, where he encounters aliens disguised as police officers. Running from them, he soon comes to a dead-end, but is saved by Harley Quinn, who is always happy to help those pursued by the law.

Jimmy decides his only option for staying alive is to tell a huge lie - he tells Harley he wants to get back to Metropolis to see his fiancée. Unfortunately for him, Harley is so moved by this that she won't just tell him how to get back there, but she'll take him herself. They are soon on their way in the Jokermobile. They have to stop for petrol at Midway City, where they encounter an alien being and a paranoid local sheriff. Seeing that the situation is delicate, they get away as quickly as possible. As they do so, they see a big fireball erupt.

As they approach Metropolis, they run into the Female Furies, but luckily Harley is able to confuse Mad Harriet and Stompa, and Jimmy spouts binary code at Lashina, which bores her totally. Safely in Metropolis at last, they part company and Jimmy breathes a sigh of relief. Little does he know that Zod and his minions are waiting round the corner.


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