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Real Name
Cronus (father)
Base Of Operations
Mobile; formerly Tartarus

Unusual Features
Winged; No hands, Serpents tail instead of legs
Marital Status
Quote1.png I, Harrier, give the speed of flight, fastest if aiming for the kill. Hunt well and kill many, Little Deva. May you bathe in the blood of your victims. Quote2.png
-- Harrier


When Cronus swallowed almost all of his children, including previously unknown gods named Harrier Titan, Arch, Disdain, Slaughter, and Oblivion. He did this out of fear that his children would one day rise up against him and dethrone him.

Centuries after Zeus successfully accomplished this feat, Cronus released the remaining children who did not escape his bowels. These unknown gods became his new pantheon, which he used to destroy various gods on his new ascension to power. One obstacle Cronus came to know was the champion of Olympus Wonder Woman. In order to defeat the Amazon, Cronus devised a plan to create a dark mirror image of Wonder Woman whom he could call as a champion of his own.

Similar to Wonder Woman he formed the image of a child out of Themysciran clay. He breathed life into it and called her Devastation. He then had his dark children each bless the new creation with evil gifts. Harrier provided her the gift of speed and flight. Thus Devastation possessed each of Wonder Woman's abilities, but with a dark twist to them.

Cronus and his army of children's powers have grown from the faith of a cult on Earth. They sought to capture all power of the godwave. They began by defeating the Olympians and casting Zeus down to earth. He then conquered the Hindu Gods and headed for Heaven. But Wonder Woman freed the Olympians and united with the Hindus and the Pax Dei. Wonder Woman trounced Cronus but the god still managed to touch the power of the Presence. In doing so, he gained perfect clarity. Humbled, Cronus and his Children returned to mother Gaea.

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