Harris Comics
Founded 1971
Founder Stanley R. Harris
Country of origin United States of America
Headquarters location New York City
Publication types Consumer magazines, Comic magazines
Nonfiction topics Lifestyle, Business, Health, Guns & Weaponry, Automotive
Fiction genres Horror, Science fiction
Imprints Harris Outdoor Magazines
Harris Tactical Group
Harris Comics (1985–2008)
Anarchy Studio (2002 – 2003)
Official website

Harris Publications Inc. is an American consumer-magazine publisher in New York City, New York, that publishes over 75 titles, including Juicy, XXL, King, Dog News, 0-60, Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement, Small Business Opportunities, Men's Workout, Exercise & Health, Celebrity Hairstyles, and many more. One major division, Harris Outdoor Magazines, publishes several titles on hunting, fishing, and firearms. Harris Comics published the former Warren Publishing character Vampirella for nearly two decades.


Harris Publications was founded in 1977 by Stanley R. Harris, who had been in the magazine publishing business since the late 1950s,[1] most prominently with the latter-day pulp publisher Myron Fass. (Harris's father William invented the Harris Press, a printing press still in use today, and had funded Fass's first publishing efforts in the 1940s.)[2] Harris was co-owner of Myron Fass Enterprises from 1964–1978,[1] leaving after multiple disputes with his mercurial business partner.[2]

One of Harris Publications' first successful and long-running titles was Guitar World, which it published beginning in 1980, before selling the property to Future US in 2003.

Harris Comics

In 1983, Harris acquired the assets of the defunct Warren Publishing, including their well-known horror magazines Creepy, Eerie, and Vampirella. Forming Harris Comics in 1985,[1] Harris published a single issue of Creepy (#146), but legal murkiness[3][4] and a 1999 lawsuit by Warren publisher James Warren[5][6] resulted in his reacquisition of the rights to Creepy and sister publication Eerie.

In the early 1990s Harris Comics revived Vampirella, publishing Vampirella stories in various series and formats from 1991 to 2007. A number of notable U.K. creators worked for Harris on its Vampirella titles, including Grant Morrison, Gary Frank, Mark Millar, John Smith, Ian Edginton, and Malachy Coney. In January 2007 Fangoria Comics [7] made the announcement that the character Vampirella was now owned by Fangoria, however, in April Harris replied that this was not factual,[8] and began publishing Vampirella Quarterly.

Harris Comics also published a number of non-Vampirella comics in the superhero and science fiction genres. The 2002–2003 imprint Anarchy Studio published manga comics featuring the characters Vampi and Xin. Harris Comics operated until 2008, and in March 2010 Dynamite Entertainment acquired the Vampirella property.[9]



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