Appearing in "Sucker Bait!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Sucker Bait!"Edit

After his father is killed by a vampire, a chemist comes up with a plan to sacrifice himself so that others may live. He drinks a radioactive substance that may be traced by a Geiger counter and leaves a note for his brother detailing the plan to use the instrument to track down the vampire after he has drained the isotope blood. Unfortunately for his plan, the chemist's brother turns out to be the vampire.

Appearing in "Lover, Come Hack to Me!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Lover, Come Hack to Me!"Edit

Every generation, a madwoman is conceived on the night of her parent's wedding who follows the tradition of murdering her newly-wed husband with an ax in the same house.

Appearing in "Double-Header!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Double-Header!"Edit

In this grim fairy tale an old king finds a young girl to marry and is deeply in love with her but cannot offer her the physical relationship she needs, so she takes a lover. Three court ladies who are very jealous of her find out and inform the king. The king's honor has been insulted, and so his queen and her lover must pay with their lives, but the king truly loved her deeply and is heartbroken. He makes the three women who ruined his happiness pay by blinding one, deafening the other, and cutting the tongue out of the third.

Appearing in "Foul Play!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Foul Play!"Edit

Psychotic baseball players dismember a player from an opposing baseball team in revenge for his using poisoned cleats in a game and then use his body parts to play ball.


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