Appearing in "Judgment in a Small, Dark Place!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Arthur MacArthur (Single appearance)[1]
  • Max Leland (Single appearance)[1]

Other Characters:

  • Karl MacArthur (Single appearance)[1] (Behind the scenes)
  • Peggy (Single appearance)[1]




Synopsis for "Judgment in a Small, Dark Place!"Edit

A man named Arthur MacArthur discovers that his father, Karl, a longtime inmate, has died in prison. Arthur seeks revenge against the judge who incarcerated his father, Irwin Hall. Posing as a gardener, he sneaks into Irwin's home and kidnaps him. Hank and Don Hall transform into their super-hero guises as Hawk and Dove and pursue separate avenues of investigation. They eventually track Arthur MacArthur down and struggle to navigate through various traps, including a network of electrified pipes. They eventually apprehend MacArthur and rescue Irwin Hall. Despite the valiant display of heroism the boys displayed, Irwin Hall still condemns their illegal vigilante tactics.


  • This is the final issue of the series.
  • Final appearance of Mrs. Hall.
  • Reference is made to a character named Karl MacArthur. Karl MacArthur does not make an actual appearance, but his death is referenced in flashback.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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