Quote1 That's like blaming penicillin for venereal disease. Quote2
-- Kendra Saunders

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Hawkgirl has a nightmare that she is attacked by winged skeletal monsters over the skies of St. Roch. Hawkman arrives to aide her and offers her a cryptic message. He warns her to be careful. When Kendra awakens, she finds Danny Evans standing next to her. Kendra and Danny inspect the museum and go over some recently discovered newspaper clipping relating to Henri Bismuth - a former curator for the museum. Suddenly, an earthquake strikes, and Kendra pushes Danny out of harm's way as dozens of old books topple from their shelves. Another tremor strikes more violently and they exit the building.

Outside, they run into Lt. Grubs. Grubs has no knowledge of any earthquake activity, and tells Kendra that he has been working on a grisly missing persons case. In the wake of last year's hurricane, several homeless people have resurfaced torn to pieces.

Kendra leaves and goes driving down the highway. Without explanation, her car begins accelerating and the doors suddenly lock themselves. Kendra punches out the sunroof and leaps to safety as the car crashes into a lake.

The next day, Kendra and Danny go down into the basement of the museum. They discover a hidden vault that expands downward into an immense catacomb. On the walls of the vault, they finds carvings and ancient glyphs. One of the reliefs bears a resemblance to Hawkgirl. Without warning, a section of the vault collapses separating the two. Kendra is alone in the dark. From behind her, something clears it's throat.


  • First issue under current series name. This title was previously known as Hawkman (Volume 4).
  • A second printing of this issue was published with a slightly altered cover.
  • The hurricane that Hawkgirl refers to is Hurricane Katrina, an actual storm that caused massive damage in Louisiana in 2005.
  • Kendra makes reference to Danny Evans' quest for the Diamond Eye of Shiva. Danny embarked upon this adventure just prior to the events chronicled in Hawkman (Volume 4) #1.


  • The tagline for this issue is "Relics!"
  • Danny Evans compares Kendra's auto accident to a scene from the 1960 suspense thriller Psycho. In the movie, schizophrenic motel owner Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) drove his victim's car into the swamp with the body secured in the trunk.

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