Quote1 The fruit of another of the crackbrained stupidities of my idiot brother, DeSaad. Why in the name of the Firepits Darkseid keeps reviving that fool, I'll never know! Quote2
-- Bernadeth

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On an Apokoliptian space station, several Parademons argue over a misplaced Beta-3 Gizmoid. They manage to track it back towards Earth. Bernadeth of the Female Furies overhears the conversation and executes them. She gathers the rest of the Furies together and travels towards Earth. En route, she tells them that a rogue Parademon stole the Gizmoid 3,500 years ago and brought it to Earth where he attempted to barter it to an Egyptian Prince.

At the Stonechat Museum, Kendra tries to throw herself into her work, but she is frustrated over difficulties involving her relationship with Carter. Danny tries to comfort her, but Kendra decides to take a break and get some fresh air.

She goes to see the Mole at the Down by the Levee Retirement Community. The Mole outfits her with even more hi-tech weaponry. Though she is unaware of its presence, the Gizmoid has been secretly tracking her actions.

The Female Furies arrive in St. Roch and track down the Gizmoid. The machine reacts defensively and keeps the Furies at bay with a burst of gas. Hawkgirl swoops down and the machine attaches itself to her. It begins growing, spreading across her body, taking complete control over her. By the time it is through, the Beta-3 completely coats Kendra in alien armor.


  • Bernadeth consistently refers to one of the Furies as Lashina, but the illustration is actually that of Gilotina. Lashina has long, black hair, and a black leather bodysuit and mask. There is also a line of dialogue which should be directed towards Bloody Mary, but is actually pointing to Gilotina.
  • In one scene, Hawkgirl instinctively grabs her Nth Metal wings, even though she has recently demonstrated the ability to fly without them.


  • The tagline for this issue is "Hell Hath Furies!"

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