Quote1 When are you going to make love to me as Haywire? Quote2
-- Black Lotus

Appearing in "Love and Death"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Alex Kingman
  • White Lotus

Supporting Characters:

  • Ken Marshall


Other Characters:


  • New York



  • Police car

Synopsis for "Love and Death"Edit

Haywire watches as White Lotus is put into a police car. Haywire frees White Lotus.

In Japan, three more ninjas are dispatched to the U.S. to kill Haywire.

Another personality of Alex Kingman/Steven Majorski's steals rubies from a mansion.

The Combine has tracked down Ken Marshall and wants the armor back that his brother in law gave him. Donning the armor, he kills the Combine men.

Alex Kingman takes a gem he found in his pocket to a jewelry store for appraisal. The gem is on the police watch list and the jeweller reports it. When Kingman returns to the shop he is arrested.


This title is suggested for mature readers.


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