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Synopsis for "Operation Psycho-Warrior!"

At Xavier’s School, Professor X briefs the X-Men on how Hell’s Angel’s bodysuit is a portal to another dimension whose energy she can manipulate.  In Darkmoor, a diminutive man called the Guide emerges from the light given off by Shevaun’s suit.  Sent by Darkangel, he warns her that Mys-Tech is planning an assassination. He then opens a portal and takes her to a realm of dead superheroes to enlist help.  They recruit the spirits of the Squadron Supreme’s Nighthawk and Nuke, Vakume, and Viper.  In Scotland, Mys-Tech deploys their shock troops the Psycho-Warriors to assassinate the CEO of their Japanese rival, the Tempora Corporation.  Hell’s Angel and the Guide arrive in Tokyo with their allies as the Psycho-Warriors land on the roof of Tempora headquarters, and the battle begins.  Professor X detects Hell’s Angel’s energy and sends a team of X-Men to help. Gradually, the assembled heroes eliminate all the attacking Psycho-Warriors, but Viper’s spirit is destroyed.  The X-Men leave afterward, still wanting an explanation of Hell’s Angel’s powers.  Suddenly, the Psycho-Warriors’ aircraft explodes, destroying the top of the Tempora building. Hell’s Angel and her allies emerge unscathed, and she uses her powers to destroy spirits that emerge from the Psycho-Warriors’ corpses.  With the assassination foiled, the Guide departs with the dead superheroes while Shevaun flies off with a dead Psycho-Warrior to study.  The Mys-Tech board dispatches cleanup teams to Tokyo and declares they must find out who subverted their plan.  At Darkmoor Castle, Shevaun finishes an autopsy of the dead Psycho-Warrior and hacks into Mys-Tech’s computer network.  She learns of UnEarth and leaves to deal with it even as Mys-Tech assigns extra security to protect it.

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