Quote1.png John Constantine, you have been found guilty of first degree cold hearted bastardy. Of being a twisted, evil frigger who sneaks and creeps his way out of trouble that those less privileged have no defense against. Quote2.png
-- John Constantine

Appearing in "Dangerous Habits (Part VI of VI) - Falling Into Hell"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Brendan Finn (Appears in flashback and main story)
  • Doctor Fulton
  • Doctor McBride




  • Chas' Taxi

Synopsis for "Dangerous Habits (Part VI of VI) - Falling Into Hell"Edit

When the reality of what he had done finally caught up with him, John Constantine spent the next three days drinking himself into a stupor. Originally, he had thought that he was home-free, having tricked the devil into curing his cancer and keeping him alive in lieu of going to war with his brothers. However, he now realizes that they will become ever-vigilant, waiting for John to mess up so that they can take him and give him their worst.

John struggles out of bed, and out into the rain. Unable to see just feet in front of his face, John bumps into a woman, and apologizes. As he looks at her, he is filled with recognition. It is Kit Ryan, the former girlfriend of his recently deceased friend Brendan. Realizing this, they hug happily. They catch up a bit over coffee, but when they hit the subject of Brendan, John feels that some alcohol might make a better drink for a toast in his honour. As they get up to leave for a bar, John hears Chas Chandler shout out, and suddenly remembers that he forgot to tell his friends and family that he is not dying after all. They agree to meet soon for drinks before parting ways.

Outside, John tries to remember all of the people he said goodbye too. There was Cheryl and then Gemma. John realizes suddenly that he also said goodbye to Matt Higgins, his elderly friend who is dying of cancer. He worries that while he was busy getting drunk, Matt might have died. He rushes off to the hospital with Kit in tow.

Hurriedly, John rushes to the cancer ward, to find that Matt is fortunately still alive - though he is surprised to see John alive. John only manages to splutter that he won't be checking in there after all before Kit catches up. John awkwardly introduces Kit to Matt, and Kit - seeing that the men have things to talk about - offers to get the old man a cup of tea. After she's gone, Matt teases John about his relationship with the woman, but ultimately explains that a close friend like Kit - someone who actually knows the real John Constantine - is invaluable, and should be kept close. While Matt will soon be dead, someone like Kit will be important to John in the future.

Suddenly, Matt begins to feel ill, and he sends John to find a nurse. When John returns, Matt has begun to cough up blood. The nurse calls for Matt's doctors, and the old man begins to crash. His organs all begin to fail, and it soon falls beyond the doctor's ability to keep him alive. Rather than stay and take care of Matt's affairs, John runs away.

Feeling responsible, John admits to himself that running away was cowardly. This time, he doesn't feel responsible for Matt's death, but he feels guilt that he cheated death when normal - perhaps more deserving people - simply have to face death. Meanwhile, Kit returns to the hospital room to find that Matt has died, and John is missing. She finds him crouched on the sidewalk outside, getting rained on. John counts Matt as another friend lost to him, and warns that Kit should stay away, lest she get hurt too. She refuses, though, taking him into her arms.



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