Quote1 This place -- they're desecrating the bodies and it's buggering up the souls. They can't get into the afterlife. They're stuck. Quote2
-- John Constantine

Appearing in "Body and Soul"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Dr. Amis

Other Characters:

  • Steven
  • Matthew
  • Warren


  • Stokesley



Synopsis for "Body and Soul"Edit

Having captured John Constantine and Chas Chandler, Dr. Amis casually admits that his facility is doing ballistics tests for a private munitions firm, and that corpses such as Chas' uncle Tom's are obtained illegally, more cheaply, and in greater numbers than official channels could allow. Given that John and Chas have attempted to disrupt operations without the aid of any wider authority, they have agreed - in his mind - to allowing him to test the effects of high and low velocity projectiles on their living bodies.

While John and Chas sit in a holding cell waiting for their inevitable doom, the spirits of the corpses whose bodies are being riddled with Amis' bullets are growing more and more restless. One particularly tortured spirit can't take it anymore, and sensing magic, he seeks out John Constantine. The spirit screams of its horror and indignation, until it explodes in a blinding light from which John and Chas have to shield their eyes. John realizes that because their bodies are being desecrated, these spirits' souls are being prevented from getting into the afterlife. If John and Chas don't do something about it, these souls will be wiped out - including Chas' uncle Tom.

Borrowing Chas' knife, John scratches a circle into the wall of their cell and then cuts his hand for some blood to work the magic he needs. John intends to cause a Soulstorm. Outside, the collective souls gather, crying out in rage and frustration. With John's magic, they are released into the physical world, unleashed on the facility for their revenge.

Dr. Amis is surprised to see the angry souls surrounding him. However, the souls all look so beautiful to him that he realizes the mistake he made. He didn't realize he was causing them so much pain. When they turn to go, he is so overwhelmed by their beauty that he begs to be allowed to go with them. One of the souls holds out a hand for him, and he sheds tears of joy.

Afterwards, Chas is somewhat shaken at having been exposed directly to the supernatural. John confirms that all of the souls - including uncle Tom - have been allowed to pass on to the afterlife. Hearing that, Chas steps out of his cell and grabs a machine gun from a stunned guard. John follows more slowly, stopping outside a testing chamber where one of the scientists explains that Dr. Amis performed the gruesome tests over and over because he liked seeing the corpses shot to pieces. John comments dryly that it could have been worse; he could have been shagging them.

Chas makes his way to Amis' office, preparing to shoot the man dead. When he opens the door, he discovers that the man has clawed his fingers deep into his own eye-sockets. Chas tries to pull the trigger, but he hasn't got the heart. Instead, he beats the man to death savagely with the butt of the gun.

John waits outside, hoping that his friend won't blame him for what happened. He had told Chas that his uncle was in a better place without knowing that he would be taken to this place. Chas steps out into the air and turns to John. He asks for a cigarette. They're still friends.


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