Quote1 Perhaps you were right, Triskele. Hell is mine. And until Constantine's soul hangs drawn and quartered on the walls of Dis, I will not allow Hell to rest an instant. Remember that. And be thankful. Quote2
-- The First of the Fallen

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Synopsis for "Guys & Dolls, Part One: Fallen Women"Edit

In her garden, the succubus Chantinelle picks flowers until the devil comes for her. The First of the Fallen approaches, and she instantly knows what he wants and what he plans to do to her. Terrified, she runs away, and leaps across the divide, from Hell to London, landing in the Thames.

That same night, John Constantine has begun to feel restless in his relationship with Kit Ryan. There are too many debts yet to pay and scores yet to settle for John to really settle down with her. Sighing, he heads out into the night, appeasing his half-asleep girlfriend by saying that he's only taking a walk.

In Hell, the First of the Fallen seeks out the demon Triskele, under whom Chantinelle serves. He grabs her in a rage, annoyed that the succubus has left Hell when he was promised that she would help him. As he threatens to tear her head from her spine, Triskele desperately explains that she had never known how Chantinelle and John Constantine were already acquainted. She expects that the succubus will be with him now. This upsets the devil, as it is too soon to face Constantine now after his embarrassing defeat.

As the sun rises, John senses something down in the gutters, spotting footprints in the exposed mud leading into a sewer drain. Inside, he spots Ellie, who is frightened at his appearance. She states that she needs help, and scornfully, John suggests that she try The Snob, just as she had suggested when he needed help. Angrily, she responds that the First of the Fallen is after John, and that he intended to use her against him. Hearing this, John feels as though his worries about his relationship with Kit are confirmed.

Ellie explains that the devil is waiting for John to do something stupid that will let him get around the foolhardy trap that John caught him with. She had to flee, because if she told him about John, he would find out how they met - and that would be bad for her. John puts his coat around her and walks her out of the sewer.

The First of the Fallen listens as Triskele reminds him that he is the ruler of Hell while Lucifer is gone - though he still has to contend with his brothers. In frustration, he tears the face from Triskele's skull, warning that none shall rest in Hell until John Constantine is drawn and quartered on the walls of Dis.

John gets a hotel room for he and Ellie and she explains that the devil is a much more formidable foe than Lucifer. Lucifer's status as an archangel had made his forays into spreading evil begrudging. The First of the Fallen, on the other hand, took delight in causing grief. When Lucifer fell, he discovered that there was someone else already at the bottom: The First. He was thrown out of Heaven for daring to think for himself. The First had had to give up his reign because Lucifer's divine power was so much stronger - but Lucifer is gone now.

John admits that while it is in his best interests to help her, Ellie still owes him, and she should be wary, because one day, he will collect.



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