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Appearing in "Hellboy in Mexico or, A Drunken Blur"Edit

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  • Hendricks
  • Murphy


  • Mexico


  • Right Hand of Doom


Synopsis for "Hellboy in Mexico or, A Drunken Blur"Edit

In 1982 Hellboy and Abe Sapien sit outside in Mexico waiting for the B.P.R.D. to pick them up. To get out of the sun the pair enter an abandoned building nearby. Inside they find an old statue of the Virgin Mary, with pictures of Mexican wrestlers, luchadores, tacked up all around. Abe finds one picture with Hellboy and three luchadores and asks Hellboy about it. Hellboy tells Abe about his adventure in Mexico in 1956.

Hellboy was sent to Mexico to deal with large outbreak of supernatural activity. Many people were killed and Hellboy did what he could. He teamed up with three luchador brothers who had received a vision from the Virgin Mary to quit wrestling and start fighting monsters. The four fought monsters all day and drank all night. One night the youngest brother wandered off and was taken by the monsters. The remaining three looked for him but could not find any trace.

Then they found a message left for Hellboy to go to a Mayan temple and fight the evil luchador Camazotz alone. Hellboy went and immediately realized that the man he was to fight was in fact the missing brother. Surrounded by Zombies and monsters of every kind, the pair began to fight. Camazotz removed his mask revealing that he had been transformed into a vampire. Hellboy impaled him on a wooden stake, killing the brother, but also returning his to his human form.

Hellboy helped bury the dead brother, and the luchadores left. After that Hellboy was in a drunken stupor for a few months untill the B.P.R.D. found him.

Back in 1982, a helicopter arrives for Hellboy and Abe.

In a small theater in Mexico three children watch an old movie filmed in Guadalajara, on August 3, 1956. Hellboy, wearing a luchador mask, wrestles another luchador in a panther costume.


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