Appearing in "Lo, the Firebug"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Detective Grobotkin
  • Mr. Peirsall
  • Mrs. Bartoli
  • Previous Odd Man Next (Cameo)


  • Unnamed City
    • Hero Hotline Headquarters
    • 12th Street Subway Station
    • Courthouse
    • Piersall Residence
    • Coordinator's Residence


  • Microwavabelle's Suit
  • Private Eye's Lenses
  • Firebug's Suit


  • None

Synopsis for "Lo, the Firebug"Edit

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • There is no official story title so the title on the cover is used instead.
  • The date of this issue is unclear. Many factors suggest that it begins the night of the 24th, the night of the previous issue including: 1) Stretch updating his daughter on the events, 2) Voice-Over, Private Eyes and Stretch's various revised attitudes, and 3) Hotshot's acquisition of a new bed for Mr. Piersall. Factors suggesting there is some additional time between the issues include: 1) Ellie's outfit during the day in the last issue and the night is different and 2) the trial of Mister Muscle would begin the day following his arrest (which is unrealistically fast).


  • The Coordinator has numerous signed photos including from Captain Atom, Doctor Manhattan, the Penguin, the Calculator and Johnny Quick. The Johnny Quick photo shows him holding a baby (most likely Jesse Quick) and indicates that the Coordinator is her godfather. Also the signed photo from the Calculator has him vowing revenge.
  • The unnamed prosecuting attorney in Mister Muscle's case is blind and missing part of his left arm. He may ne an allusion to Marvel's blind lawyer, Matt Murdock.
  • Doctor Fate's helmet is seen on one of the desks in the background.

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