Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance The New Gods (vol. 1) #1 (February/March 1971)
Created by Jack Kirby
In-story information
Alter ego Izaya the Inheritor
Species New God
Place of origin New Genesis
Team affiliations New Genesis
Notable aliases The All-Father
  • Immortality,
  • Ability to commune with the Source
  • Universal knowledge
  • Superhuman strength, endurance & reflexes
  • Energy manipulation,
  • Telepathy
  • Master combatant
  • Weapon Master

Highfather is a fictional comic book character in the DC Comics Universe. He is chief of the New Gods of New Genesis in the Fourth World and ruled the fictional planet. Highfather first appeared in The New Gods (vol. 1) #1 (February/March 1971).

Fictional character history

Highfather is in reality Izaya, sometimes known as Izaya the Inheritor. The name is a phonetical version of the Old Testament prophet Isaiah. Highfather thematically resembles the Greek god Zeus or the Norse god Odin (who was known as the all-father).

Darkseid uses Izaya in his scheme to seize control of Apokolips. During a raid by his uncle Steppenwolf, Darkseid appears to kill both Izaya and his wife. However, Darkseid intentionally only stuns Izaya, knowing he will seek revenge on Steppenwolf, which he does, killing him and paving the way for Darkseid's ascent to power.

In making peace with Apokolips, Izaya and Darkseid make a pact to exchange their sons. Darkseid raises Scott Free while Izaya raises Orion. Izaya manages to tame the savage Orion (to a point) and he becomes one of the greatest warriors of New Genesis, fiercely devoted to the ideals of his adoptive home. Eventually, Scott Free (Mister Miracle) escapes Apokolips (as planned by Darkseid) which breaks the pact between New Genesis and Apokolips. Izaya and Scott are reunited, though relations between the two have not always been easy.

Highfather often consults the Source, a primal energy field represented by a mysterious wall upon which are written messages which may be of use in resolving crises. Though never stated outright in the New Gods series, the Source is implied to be some form of higher power (perhaps even God), making Izaya a spiritual as well as political leader of his people. As ruler of New Genesis, he is kind, compassionate and caring, but ready to defend it from any threat.

During the Genesis limited series, Highfather is slain in battle with the war god Ares.[1] He is succeeded as leader of New Genesis by Takion, an Earthling hero who is a living conduit of the Source. Since his death, Izaya's spirit has served as a member of The Quintessence, a council of powerful cosmic entities that observe events in the universe.

Highfather later appears in Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle as the leader of the New Genesis survivors living as homeless people on Earth following the destruction of their world. However, much of the events of that miniseries prove to be a vision of possible events, leaving Highfather and New Genesis' current situation in doubt.

However, he was shown in Final Crisis sketchbook, indicating that he will return. In Final Crisis #7, Highfather is depicted next to Barda and Mister Miracle in front of a reincarnated New Genesis.

The New 52

After the Source detects an upcoming powerful danger that portends the end time and originates somewhere on earth Highfather sends Orion to stop this.[2] He later reveals another great threat as being no less than Superman himself.[3]

Powers and abilities

Highfather can manipulate tremendous amounts of energy for his own purposes through his staff, which is linked with the inconceivable power of the Source. Darkseid once rendered the staff useless, but it has since reestablished its link with the Source and regained its powers. As Izaya, Highfather is an immortal with superhuman strength, endurance and reflexes. He is a superb hand to hand combatant and a master of weaponry. However, he left the ways of combat behind when he took on the role of Highfather.

Other versions

JLA: The Nail

Highfather appears in JLA: The Nail, involved in a war between New Genesis and Apokolips, triggered when Apokolips assumed that a Kryptonian shield around Earth was part of a sneak attack by New Genesis and decided that the only way to prevent their destruction was to attack first.

In other media


  • Though he was never mentioned by name in the final season of Smallville, Kara Zor-El mentioned another being, who was dedicated to spreading the Light and raised Darkseid's son Orion. Most likely a reference to Highfather.


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