Appearing in Kid Eternity: "Murder Frameup!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • spirit of Daniel Webster
  • spirit of Paul Bunyan
  • spirit of Allan Pinkerton
  • spirit of Calamity Jane
  • Jimmy Conroy
  • Jean
  • Kane
  • Emery




Synopsis for Kid Eternity: "Murder Frameup!"Edit

While Mr. Keeper takes a nap, Kid Eternity witnesses a murder he can't do anything about. Then he and Keep have to save an innocent man from being convicted.


This issue of Hit Comics also featured:

  • Marmaduke Mouse (First appearance): "Down With King Louie!"
  • Her Highness: (No Title), by Janice Valleau
  • Betty Bates: "Night after night, while the audience gasped in horror..", by Ed Dobrotka
  • Big Brother (First appearance): "Come right in, folks, and meet the Fellers...", by Pete Riss
  • Bob and Swab: "Marine Bob Masters and sailor Swab Decker realize every...", by Janice Valleau
  • Egbert and the Count (First appearance): "This is the tale of a bold young bird!", by Ernie Hart


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