Quote1 You'll never rise again, Ra-Kut! I'm sending you back for a permanent stay in ... ETERNITY! Quote2
-- Kid Eternity

Appearing in "Kid Eternity Petrifies the Mummy!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Peggy Spencer
  • the spirit of Harry Carey
  • Gregory Lyons (Death)
  • four other Egyptologists All die
  • the spirit of Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa
  • the spirit of Pharaoh Ra-Kut
  • John Randolph




Synopsis for "Kid Eternity Petrifies the Mummy!"Edit

In a hidden treasure room inside a vast pyramid, Kid Eternity and Mr. Keeper are invisibly on hand to observe as Dr. Spencer and his team of archaeologists uncovers the 3000-year-old tomb of Pharaoh Ra-Kut. The dead king's sarcophagus contains the fabled jewels of the Third Dynasty. As they drag the elaborate coffin out into the sunlight, one member of the team has a dizzy spell and falls off the pyramid; Kid Eternity summons the spirit of silent film cowboy actor Harry Carey to perform a lasso rescue, which is successful, but the man dies anyway. Dr. Spencer finds a small pinprick on the dead man's hand, and opines that the sarcophagus was booby-trapped.

One year elapses, during which time three other members of this expedition meet with violent deaths. Nevertheless Dr. Spencer holds a celebration dinner at his home, on the one-year anniversary of the discovery, with four empty chairs to commemorate the party's fallen colleagues. Only Peggy Spencer, John Randolph, one other man, and Spencer himself have survived the past year. That night, a bandage-swathed figure enters one guest's bedroom via an open window, and strangles him. Peggy's boyfriend John hears the noise and bursts into the room, but the Mummy knocks him down with a flung chair. Kid Eternity summons the spirit of Agrippa, the Roman victor of the Battle of Actium, who attacks the Mummy, but is flung against the wall by "the strength of a hundred men!" The Mummy runs out of the room; a scream is heard from Dr. Spencer's room; everybody arrives there to find one window open and both persons gone.

The next morning, a body is found in the river, and is identified by Peggy as that of her father. That night Kid Eternity and Mr. Keeper visit the Egyptian museum, and Kid opens Ra-Kut's casket; they find dried mud on the mummy's feet, which had not been there before. This persuades Keeper, but not the Kid, that Ra-Kut has been doing the murders. Then Kid Eternity summons and questions the spirit of Ra-Kut, who cryptically seems to confess to the murders, then is dismissed back to Eternity.

Meanwhile in John Randolph's apartment, he is attacked by the Mummy, who speaks threateningly to him in English and brandishes a knife. They fight, and the Mummy tosses Randolph away as easily as he earlier had flung Agrippa. Kid Eternity and Mr. Keeper witness this, and K.E. remarks that he's now convinced that Ra-Kut is not the mummy. That's because unlike Agrippa or John Randolph, Kid Eternity recognizes judo when he sees it. To prove his point, he again summons Pharaoh Ra-Kut to the scene, where the ancient monarch defeats and unmasks the pretender, who turns out to be Dr. Spencer, who had hoped to gain ownership of the jewels by being the last surviving member of the discovery team. Wait, doesn't that mean that Peggy was in on the deception? No. The body that grief-stricken Peggy had earlier identified as Spencer was a murdered hobo, made up to superficially resemble Spencer. Having clarified all that, Dr. Spencer leaps out through a closed window and falls to his death.


  • Kid Eternity
    • Kid Eternity next appears in Kid Eternity #17. This is his final appearance in Hit Comics.
    • We never do find out why the real mummy had dried mud on its feet.
    • One source credits the art in this issue's Kid Eternity story to Al Bryant.
  • This issue of Hit Comics also featured:
    • Sir Roger: (Gatoff at the Movies), by Bart Tumey
    • Bob and Swab: (Shore Leave at Mandragoona), by Klaus Nordling
    • Betty Bates: (Mr. Malice), by Alice Kirkpatrick


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