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Cardiac lured Stone to a research facility in Hoboken to kill Styx. Cardiac's plan was eventually foiled by Spider-Man, who managed to defeat the pair of villains as well[1].

A short time later, Flash Thompson received a letter of invitation to a Halloween party at the Daily Bugle.[2]
He was later visited by Betty Brant.[3]
Betty eventually came back and promised to help him overcome his alcoholism.[4]
Flash was also visited by his sister, who refused to help him.[5]

Other realities

Earth-9047 (Humorverse)

In the story Ayehearya, apparently happening in Earth-9047, Hoboken and Neuter Tokyo are the last standing cities after World War III. The story takes place in Neuter Tokyo, with Hoboken being mentioned in passing only in the opening description.[6]

Points of Interest

New Jersey Mental Health Unit[7]


Travis (Earth-616)


Travis was a policeman who thought the Punisher had escaped from New York.[8]


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