Home Tweet Home
Merrie Melodies (Sylvester/Tweety) series
Directed by I. Freleng
Produced by Edward Selzer
Story by Tedd Pierce
Voices by Mel Blanc
Bea Benaderet
Music by Carl Stalling
Animation by Arthur Davis
Gerry Chiniquy
Ken Champin
Virgil Ross
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
The Vitaphone Corporation
Release date(s) January 14, 1950 (USA)
Color process Technicolor
Running time 6:45
Language English

Home Tweet Home is a 1950 animated short featuring Sylvester, Tweety, and Hector.


Tweety is washing in the park birdbath and singing. Not far off there are gentlemen seated on a park bench reading their paper. Sylvester is sitting among them and peering through a peephole in the newspaper, inches near Tweety. As Tweety notice Sylvester attempting to eat him, Tweety rushes off and Sylvester chases him round and round a little toddler girl on a bike wagon. Tweety rushes into the toddler's nanny and gains her sympathy to protect him from Sylvester.

Sylvester swaps places with the toddler and wails to have the pretty birdy. The nanny complies, but when Sylvester puts Tweety in his mouth, the nanny puts Sylvester across her lap and spanks him with a switch.

As Sylvester keeps a look out for Tweety, the bird simply lands on his head where he wouldn't think to look. Sylvester sets a box, stick and string trap with a cob of corn for bait. Tweety gives himself away and Sylvester tries to wallop Tweety with a stick, but Tweety jumps out of the way and he bonks himself on the head. Sylvester chases Tweety again, but manages to hide behind a trash can as Hector approaches, walking with Tweety. As Sylvester rushes at Tweety on the path he bumps into Hector and gets tangled in his collar. Sylvester plays as a bulldog then as Tweety notices, he wriggles out of the collar and chases Tweety to a hotel. Tweety flies up onto a window sill four floors above Sylvester. Sylvester flies after him with an inflated wad of bubble gum, but Tweety burst it with a pin and sends Sylvester falling. Sylvester quickly inflates another wad of bubble gum, but Tweety weighs him down with an anvil. Sylvester lets go of the anvil and is sent soaring up high in the sky. Tweety bursts his bubble with a slingshot and sends him crashing down on a pillow with the anvil in it. Sylvester tries to whack Tweety round the corner with a shovel, but ends up hitting Hector.

Presently Tweety perches above the nanny, who is reading a book. Sylvester sneaks up disguised as a tree with a bird's nest and uses a bird whistle to attract Tweety. As Tweety settles in the nest, Hector approaches and chases Sylvester, Tweety flying out. Tweety telephones the pet shop for a new pussy cat.


Preceded by
Bad Ol' Putty Tat
Tweety and Sylvester cartoons
Succeeded by
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