Homer is a character on Hercules: The Animated Series. The show's version of the classic blind Greek poet, Homer is reimagined as a reporter always looking for a good story. He is voiced by Dan Castellaneta.


Hercules and the Big Sink

When Homer overhears one of Cassandra's predictions and actually sees the results, he decides to help raise public awareness that her gift of foresight is indeed an accurate one and she becomes an incredible success. When the people are desperately asking what the future will hold next, Cassandra predicts the sinking of Atlantis, earning the ire of a major landowner there.

Hercules and the Return of Typhon

At the end of the episode, Echidna and Typhon talk to Homer about telling their side of the story.

Hercules and the Trojan War

The story is framed in Homer asking the Prometheus Academy students what happened to them. After telling their story of the prank war between Prometheus Academy and the Trojan school and finding out Helen was okay the whole time, Homer decides to spice the story up by turning it into a proper war story.


  • Dan Castellaneta is best known for his role as Homer Simpson . This could be the reason why he also voices Homer in "Hercules".
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