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Homo neanderthalensis
Harvey2.jpg Name
Homo sapiens neanderthalensis
Harvey2.jpg Aliases
Homo neanderthalensis, Neanderthal, Man-Apes
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Harvey2.jpg Universe
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Harvey2.jpg Body Type
Harvey2.jpg Hair
Harvey2.jpg Skin
Harvey2.jpg Number of Limbs
Harvey2.jpg Number of Fingers
Harvey2.jpg Number of Toes
Harvey2.jpg Special Adaptations
Large frame
Harvey2.jpg Unusual Features
Bulky body, denser bones and muscles.
Harvey2.jpg Star System Of Origin
Harvey2.jpg Home Planet
Harvey2.jpg Place of Birth
Savage Land
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Man-Apes or Neanderthals is an extinct member of the Homo genus originally found in Europe and some parts of Asia. Man-Apes are classified either as a subspecies of Homo sapiens (Homo sapiens neanderthalensis).

Man-Apes are primitive, savage cave dwellers who had not yet evolved into true human beings. They were the first human-like beings native to Earth they were taken to the Savage Land by the Nuwali and survived until modern times. Atlantean scientists used them as subjects in the experiments by which they created the various non-human races known as the Beast-Men of Pangea.

The members of the tribe of Maa-Gor are said to have been the last living Man-Apes in the Savage Land.[1]

Ka-Zar killed the last male Man-Apes of this tribe except Maa-Gor himself. When Maa-Gor was transformed into the Man-God, he resurrected his tribe, but they disappeared after he lost his powers[2].

In Amazing Adventures #3, Paul Harper travels back in time and encounters Neanderthals. He actually encounters two evolution's of man: he is first chased into a cave by Ape Men, and once in the cave, is chased out by a family of Neanderthals.[3]

A bunch of Neanderthals are shown living on an island in the Savage Land's inland sea. They end up in a fight with Wolverine (who was trying to save the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent that they captured) until Shanna the She-Devil arrives.[4] While setting out to destroy the Cthulhu-type machine, Wolverine and Shanna the She-Devil encounter heavy Neanderthal resistance.[5] During the fight against the Neanderthals, Shanna the She-Devil ends up getting killed by one of the Neanderthals, leaving Wolverine alone. Luckily for Wolverine, Amadeus Cho was also on the island and convinced the Neanderthals that he was their god and to help Shanna the She-Devil.[6] Using the life blood of a Man-Thing that was native to the Savage Land, the Neanderthal tribe resurrects Shanna the She-Devil. Amadeus Cho told Shanna the She-Devil what the Neanderthal natives had explained to him.[7]

Alternate Realities


Jerrick Brogg created an army of Neanderthals at a research laboratory in a national forest using a large shipment of plutonium to stimulate growth. Captain America tracked the plutonium shipment and discovered Brogg's project.

The Neanderthal army chased Cap through the forest, and Cap met Chat, who stopped the primitive men by sending her animal friends at them. Brogg tried to relocate his army and research, but Cap defeated him and the Neanderthal army, without a leader, dropped their guns. Cap told Chat that he would see that they got some education and move them to the Savage Land, where they might fit in better.[8]

Powers and Abilities


None known.


None known.

Average Strength level



None known.


Habitat: Savage Land, same as Earth
Gravity: Same as Earth
Atmosphere: Same as Earth
Population: Extinct, one surviving member.


Type of Government: Tribal Leader
Level of Technology: Primitive, Stone-Age making simple weapons using stone (such as spears)
Cultural Traits: Tribal
Representatives: Maa-Gor


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