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Area: 14.2 mi² (36.8 km²)

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Water: 0.1 mi² (0.3 km²), 0.7%
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32,393 (2000)
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Houma, Louisiana is a town within Terrebonne Parish, a locale situated in the southeast region of the state. It has traditionally been the base of operations for the Swamp Thing. It is the town where Abby Cable made her home before her husband Matthew Cable fell into a coma due to an accident. After confessing her love to the Swamp Thing, they affirmed their relationship and moved into a new home together in the nearby swamps.
Before she left Houma, Abby's friend Liz Tremayne moved in with her, because she had faced psychological trauma which made her highly dependent. When Abby joined Swamp Thing in the swamps, Chester Williams, an acquaintance of Abby and Swamp Thing's moved into Abby's old house with Liz, and began a tentative romantic relationship with her there.

Points of Interest

  • 4318 Finlay Avenue - The address of Abby Holland's house in Houma. The zip code is given as 71045.
  • Elysium Lawns Residential School - A home for troubled and autistic children where Abby Holland worked for a time.
  • Spanish Acres Home for the Elderly - A home for the elderly that Abby Holland works at briefly.



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