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Synopsis for "The Night of the Chameleon"Edit

The Chameleon, an assassin for the mob, hides in the hospital after murdering the second of two targets who were going to testify in court. He gets wheeled into the operating theater by the ghosts of his victims and they perform a lobotomy upon him.

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Synopsis for "Double Exposure"Edit

A man invents a camera which creates an identical 3-D projection of whatever it photographs. After meeting a girl that he falls in love with, he hatches a murder plot to dispose of his hated wife. He films himself and places the reel of film on a shelf in his work area. He tells his lover its location and to retrieve it should anything happen to him. Then he murders his wife and tells his stepson to phone the police. He is tried, convicted and hanged. His lover reads of his death and goes to collect the film reel, but when she arrives she finds the stepson has set fire to the building to gain revenge on his stepfather and the film reel burns up.


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