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A hunter kills his Eskimo servant when the latter is transformed into a bear and the hunter is executed for murder when he cuts the bear's head off but it reverts back to human before it is going to be stuffed.

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Synopsis for "Things Like That Don't Happen"Edit

A man follows his wife to the boardwalk where she is standing by a fortune telling dummy because he wants two thousand dollars to go gamble. She gives him the money and when he leaves, the dummy falls against its glass case. She goes around back of the booth and is able to straighten the dummy back up and she gets a fortune card without having put any money in which says 24 black gets it back. She finds her husband gambling and realizes what the card meant and puts the money on 24 black until she gets her two thousand back. The husband argues with her and she takes the receipt down to the beach. The husband becomes rough with her and pushes her down. She strikes her head on a rock and dies. The dummy comes to life, walks down to the beach and slays the husband, and then returns to its booth where the police track it and observe its sandy shoes.


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