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Synopsis for "Kronos..Zagros..Eborak!"Edit

A Satanist with a district attorney for an uncle sets up a fall guy for the uncle's murder. The uncle kills the would-be assassin when he attacks the man under a post-hypnotic suggestion, but the girl lies to the police telling them that her uncle often threatened the dead man with violence.

Appearing in "Your Epitaph Is Only A Birthday Card"Edit

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Synopsis for "Your Epitaph Is Only A Birthday Card"Edit

Two men have a discussion in the hospital. A young man, who's friend is dying, and another man waiting for the birth of his child talk about goals. The young man believes in reincarnation and so takes life's events as they come feeling that whatever be will be. The older man does not believe in reincarnation and says that one must fight for what one wants in the world. The younger man's friend dies and the other man's wife gives birth so they both leave the hospital. The irony is that the man who doesn't believe in reincarnation leaves the hospital with a son that is the reincarnation of a warrior who was slain long ago just as he had achieved his life's goal.


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