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Synopsis for "A Talent For Murder"Edit

A painter is possessed by the evil spirit of an artist who unjustly blames an art dealer and his wife for conspiring to ruin him.

Appearing in "Check The J.C. Demon Catalogue Under...Death"Edit

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Synopsis for "Check The J.C. Demon Catalogue Under...Death"Edit

A son picks up the J.C. Demon catalog for his mother and it has four sample packets of seeds with it. He plants the seeds and it inflicts supernatural evil upon the nearby town. The townsfolk suspect the mother of being a witch and form a mob. When the boy admits that he planted three packets of seeds they figure that he's in league with his mother and they are both hanged and buried by the mob. Some of the mob wonder about the fourth packet of seeds they figure must have been buried with the boy and later on a massive creature bursts up from under the ground and devours all the townsfolk.


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