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Synopsis for "Death-Vault of the Eskimo Kings"Edit

Eskimos murder a thief who attempted to plunder their royalty burial crypt and entomb him with the fallen kings.

Appearing in "Tomb It May Concern"Edit

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Synopsis for "Tomb It May Concern"Edit

A dirty old man suffering with gout flirts with his attractive young nurse while plotting to get rid of his wife. The nurse is only interested in his money and gives him an ultimatum to divorce his wife or she'll quit. He mocks her and she leaves. He thinks that he can murder his murder and get away with it by spreading rumors of a burglar so he has his wife go out and check for one several evenings and makes sure his doctor knows about it. While the wife is coming back one evening he plans to stab her to death, but his nurse returns and since she has heard the rumors as well, hits him over the head with a hammer. He wakes up in the morgue paralyzed and unable to communicate with the attendants who plan to bury him tomorrow. Ironically the reason he believes that he is alive is because his toe still hurts, unaware that the morgue attendant has tied the toe tag too tightly around his toe.


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